The JuFLT website is up and running

Motivation The project "Journey upstream the Flow of Light and Time" (JuFLT) has the purpose of arousing people's awareness of the camera technology advancements (rather than taking them for granted) and guiding people to learn taking photos manually in a progressive and systematic way (rather than getting fragments of advices without a coherent context). The project slogan is "In-depth look into great vintage cameras", which describes how the purpose will be achieved. I collected more than 40 cameras, and each representing some technological breakthroughs in camera history. I will try my best to get as many sources of information as possible to come up with something more condensed and meaningful. I plan to make videos on these cameras to tell the stories as the main outcome format of this project, because it can help this project to reach a wider audience. But making video alone is not enough for achieving the purpose  Video is a highly unstru

Cameras should live in our memories